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LFA’s Axe Lands on Marcconel’s Neck -Bags Suspension Featured

17 Jul 2017
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 By Augustus Auggie Audekina-Doe

Liberia Football Association (LFA) has slapped FC Fassell’s defender, Alvin Maccornel with a suspension from the Lone Star”, FOCUS Sport has gathered.

The former LISCR FC and Barrack Young Controller center-back defender will be out of actions for the senior national team’s remaining activities this 2017.

Marcconel, according to an official at the Local Football house, is suspended for misleading the national team “Lone Star” technical staff in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The LFA official unveiled that Maccornel did not inform the technical staff about the change on his passport after his plan ticket was bought.

FOCUS Sport investigation reveals that the lad had two different passports with two different ages; on his first passport he had 1993 while the second had 1997.

The defender received his share of US$ 700.00 as par dime intended for local players prior to match against Zimbabwe but was disallowed to play due to conflicting ages in CAF System.

Things are kind of difficult for Maccornel having played for LISCR FC in the CAF tournament in 2011 and also the National team with another age.

Age cheating is a crime in football and pundits are suggesting that his suspension be extended to club matches.

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