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14 Players Listing Attributed to Debbah Cannot be True Featured

30 May 2017
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By Wleh Bedell

Meteoric Coach James Debbah after two qualifiers, World Cup and African Cup of Nations, the latter he made in-roads in before being frustrated at home as his Lone Star side surrendered a two goal cushion to an Emmanuel Adebayor Togo Sparrow Hawks has learned quite a lot.

And as the Coach and his team brace themselves for another qualifier, this time that of the African Cup of Nations 2019 where they will be away in their campaign opener against the Warriors of Zimbabwe, a recent 14- oversea based players listing attributed to Coach Debbah cannot be true.

While the inclusion of the likes of unattached Dioh Williams raises eyebrows, the cardinal issue on hand is whether that list was actually authored by James Debbah.Though some may argue that the list was posted on the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Facebook page, its authenticity as it relates to it coming from the Lone Star techincal crew headed by Debbah must still be verified.

There are key questions screaming for answers as it relates to the release of said list which has several flaws judging from some of the players called mostly interms of form. Was this list ever signed by Debbah? Did the Technical Committe ever receive a copy of said list before its publication? Are the other members of the technical staff of the Lone Star in the know per this listing? Is there not some sort of communication gap between the communication department and the technical staff? Amidst all the argument or speculation intown regarding the list why is it no one from the LFA or the technical crew cannot come forth preferrably through the media to stick to the issue that indeed the 14- man listing is genuine?

It is high time the doubts be cleared. But, in truth taking into account how far Coach Debbah has come after learning a lot in the last two years coupled with the task at hand as he prepares for another qualifier, the recent 14- man oversea based players listing cannot be true.

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