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03 Oct 2016
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He became the second-youngest starter in Major League Soccer (MLS) history two weeks ago. Now, the 15-year-old Liberian, Alphonso Davies is apparently attracting attention from the Premier League.

A scout from Manchester United was in the attendance for the Vancouver Whitecaps game against the Seattle Sounders on Sunday night, according to reports. Jorge Alvial, Manchester United’s scout for the Americas who was at the game, worked for Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and followed the manager to his new club.

Davies did not net his first MLS goal or assist, but the left-footed winger did impress with his speed and physicality, drawing a crucial penalty kick.

His team, the Whitecaps ultimately lost, 2-1, and with the result were eliminated from the playoffs. But Davies managed to impress anyway, and the teenager looked much more mature and developed than his age would suggest.

He’s made just eight appearances for the Whitecaps first team this season, two of them starts, so he is still very much a rookie, but a promising rookie at that.

Whether anything happens with Man United, it’s not hard to imagine he is generating some interest. The Liberia-born, Edmonton-raised Canadian doesn’t even have his Canadian passport yet and could easily make the move overseas.

But right now, things have been going well in Vancouver for Davies, who has quickly made the move from the club's reserve team to the first team as MLS' first player born in 2000.

Liberian talents making us proud internationally.

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