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Crayton frustrated in LFA Featured

20 Sep 2016
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By Christopher C Walker
Former Liberia international goal Keeper Louis Crayton has expressed his total Frustration in the leadership of the Liberia Football Association.

Crayton who is now a FIFA goal Keeper Trainer for Africa said Liberian football is not improving because of the kind of leadership at the LFA something he said needs to be changed if Liberia must be counted among footballing nationals in Africa and the World at large.

Speaking on SKY FM 107   from the United States of America Crayton noted that football is not developing in Liberia and people blame the players for the Country failure to qualify for the 2017 nations Cup.

He added that Football is all about motivation but the players are not motivated because the leadership of the Football House does not have the country at heart.

“  I want to admonished the Liberian People to stop blaming Gallay James for Liberia defeat to Tunisia  and look at the Foundation  of the problem, how prepared was this young man before going in the  match” said the Former Goal Keeper.
“The Technical Staff should be blamed for Liberia’s Failure in the just ended Nations Cup Qualifiers and not a the Players    because their tactics to the game was poor but this too is Liberia When you have a coach been trained for two weeks and give him the job of the national Team, James Debbah Credential as a coach is questionable” noted Crayton.
“I am disappointed in the way football is run in Africa’s oldest nation Liberia with the abundance of resources we have, our game is not improving”

“The President of the Liberia Football association Musa Bility has no interest in our Country all he does  is to use our football money to enrich himself and all those controlling football are people that are only after their own interest and not Liberia’s”  said Crayton who spoke on SKY FM  Sports program Saturday.

In his words LFA Vice President for Administration Musa Shannoh is not showing that he played football by his leadership style at the Football House because football is not developing in the country and he’s not doing anything  about it as a former National team Player.

When asked if he has approach the LFA on the development of the game in the Country the Former DC. United Shot stopper alleged that both Musa Bility and Musa Shannoh do not have interest in him coming to help draw out plans for the development of the country’s number one sport.

“Since my retirement I have knock on the doors of the LFA to come and help but they refuse to allow me come offer my service to Liberia as a goal keeper trainer and a former national team player because they are only there to make money for they and their families” the tough taking Louis Crayton told SKY Sports.

According to Crayton  he call the LFA requesting to come and help trained Liberian goal keepers Trainers in the country for three weeks and needed Two thousand  United States Dollars and provide a playing pitch for him to conduct  said  training something he said could help in  developing good keepers in the Country , but the Football House show no interest.

He mention that when he came for his vacation in Liberia recently in June he made another request that was turned downed by the LFA.

“there are talented players in the Country but their talents will died in them if the current leaders at the LFA remain as heads of the football House” Said Crayton.

WHEN Contacted the President of the Football House Musa Bility said he promised not to go into words of words with former players of the National Team but noted that the LFA is working to develop the game in Liberia.

Mr. Bility noted that the LFA will respond to all of the Comments and Allegations made by Louis Crayton at the right time.
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