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IE Shined To Holt Liscr FC Celebrations Featured

08 Aug 2017
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By Kolubah Zayzay‎

Liberian darling club Invincible Eleven IE denied LISCR FC their championship celebrations Saturday as the relegated side put up another splendid performance.

The yellow boys dominated LISCR FC in the first 20 minutes, missing couple of chances before finally taking the lead in the 27th minute.

LISCR FC fought harder and was blessed with a controversial penalty awarded by Referee Jerry Yekeh when LISCR FC attacker Chris Jackson fell on the IE defender in the eighteen box.

Chris Jackson leveled for LISCR from that penalty, but IE who were reduced to ten-men, put up a stronger fight in the second half to hold the shipping boys to a 1-1 draw.

The result means, LISCR FC stay at the top of the table on 41 points, that’s 3 points ahead of BYC.

LISCR FC will win the first division title with a draw against LPRC Oilers in their last match of the season if FC Fassell appeal against a 12 point deduction is not considered.

Though they are relegated already to the second division, Invincible Eleven seem to be getting on well with their performance.

The players on the team have improved their ball possessions and passing.

IE put up their best performance of the season to beat FC Fassell 2-0 last week just before the schedule with LISCR FC.

Bookmakers had predicted a 3-0 win for LISCR FC against IE who had been poor throughout the campaign.

Their recent improved performances of IE indicate that the players were put together couple of days to the start of the season.

Since Coach Samuel Sumo was named as Coach, the team’s showing has been improving steadily especially with the kind of players that were recruited.

IE fans can build hope on what they are seeing with the current team that the oldest club in Liberian Football will be back in the top flight with honor.

However, there are serious works that need to be done just before the next league season can start. Those include the recruitment or purchasing of real talents to play for IE. IE should not be a place for trying players. IE lovers and supporters will need to urgently assemble all of the resources to build a team for next season. But are there still fans and supporters of IE in Liberia or the World?

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