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Van-Dave insists BYC capable of scoring four goals, but we must be “patient.” Featured

19 Mar 2017
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BY Christopher C Walker

Van-Dave has delivered a “keep calm and score four goals” hours before his team challenges Club Ferroviario De Beria in the Confederation of African Football Champions League on Sunday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, in Central Monrovia.

For a Liberian team to come back from a difficulty first leg score line has been tough in recent times but Harmon said: 'The game is not going to last five minutes, it’s 90 minutes: We have to be patient. We can't be desperate. We need to keep calm. We are capable of scoring goals, but with patience.”

He continued- “If there is one team that is capable of scoring four goals, it is us.”

The last time BYC scored four goals was against IE in the national league before their departure to Beira as they demolished the “Yellow Boys” 6-0 at home, something many Liberians will be hope to see repeated Sunday.

Two goals will take the game to penalties kicks and Ferroviario goalkeeper Willard Manyatera has admitted that BYC players are very good, and the Mozambican champions still fear an incredible comeback from the “Go Blue Boys.”

Van- Dave: “We need to be clinical in front of the goal post. It's a nice challenge to do something that no one (Liberian team) has ever done, but we are also conscious of the fact that we are playing a very good team.”



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