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Sannah hopeful of BYC qualification Featured

16 Mar 2017
2013 times
BY Christopher C Walker
Barrack Young Controllers Head Coach Copper Sannah believes his side has what it takes to make a comeback against Club Ferroviario De Beria and reach the next round of the 2017 CAF Champions League.

Sannah told reporters after his side’s 2-0 first leg defeat in Beria, Mozambique that he remains optimistic over BYC's chances of reaching the Champions’ League Group Stage at the expense of Ferroviario at home on March 19, 2016.  He believes they could score more than three goals at ATS on Sunday.

The Liberian Champions were beaten 2-0 on last week Sunday, in the “away” fixture in Mozambique; but Coach Sannah has not given up hope of staging a dramatic comeback.

Sannah- "We are only halfway through the tie," There are 90 minutes left and lots of things can happen; we are going into the game with a positive mind. We have to do everything really well, both defensively and in attack.”

He continued- "Of course, we are down 2-0, but we can still turn the tie around just like other clubs have done in recent time; and with our home fans Sunday, it will be a different game. We have improved, and have put in some good training performances. We are optimistic by nature and convinced of what we can do. We will try to make the most of the favorable circumstances.”

Sannah concluded:  "If a team can score two times against us, we can score even four to five times against them. "My optimism does not mean I have unbreakable faith, but there are all sorts of performances in sports, negatives, and positives”.

BYC with  a good home record in international games in the past three years will have to beat Ferroviario De Beria 3-0 to qualified.  When asked about his view on the match  , Sannah remarked; "I don't have the feeling that we need the best game since I got here. We obviously have to play well and be effective taking full advantage of our chances.”

BYC will need star players like Prince Saydee, Sporo Somah, and Captain Van- Dave Harmon to be at their very best in the front attack; defensively  Hilton Varney, Kemoh Kamara, Prince Jetoh, Prince Kennedy or Karelo Anderson  will have to push hard, getting the ball out of their end of the pitch.

Sannah is adamant it is all about the team effort. "I look at all my players and they all have the attitude necessary; I know Ferroviario will be focus on Saydee because of his display against them during the first leg and he is a point of reference who can make the difference on a good day, but we are looking at the team effort. The team effort is all what matters, as well the final score.”
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