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Barrolle’s Problem Is Not The Players’ ---Coach Tyrance Dixon Featured

09 Feb 2017
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By: Anthony Kokoi

The head coach of Mighty Barrolle, Tyrance Dixon, has revealed that his players are not responsible for the difficulties being experienced by the team in the ongoing national league.

According to Coach Dixon, the lack of financial and logistical support to the team is the contributing factor to the team’s underperformance.

The Rollers, since the start of the league season, have only managed to secure a win in their encounter against league champions Barrack Young Controllers (BYC-1) out of seven matches, and are currently second from bottom on the first division league table.

“Lack of finance for the team is the major problem; we do not have the financial and logistical support that we deserve. As a result, my players and I sacrifice our own resources to go for training sessions and matches,” Coach Dixon revealed.

He said the team does not have training kits and only has three footballs for practice sessions that were provided by a strong supporter of Barrolle, Isaac Yeah.

The 48 year-old said it is unfortunate that other supporters who are not knowledgeable about constraints that he and his players are faced with, always want good results at the end of a match without contributing anything to the team.

Dixon, a former technical staff of New Hope FC, said his players always play under the fear of sustaining injuries, because they do not have any backup.

“The players sometimes become afraid to play because the team’s leadership cannot even pay their regular transportation. What becomes of a player if he sustains an injury?”
Dixon, who was officially appointed as head coach for the “Kayan Pepper Boys” on December 19, 2016, noted that he is managing the team in the midst of these challenges while looking at the ‘bigger picture’ as the team is one of Liberia’s biggest football clubs.

He, however, disclosed that supporters of the team in the Diaspora have launched a program “Making Barrolle Great Again” to provide logistical support and rest for the team to reclaim their precious status in Liberian football.

“BYC, FC Fassel and others clubs are not playing anything extra that Barrolle players cannot do. Barrolle players only need the motivation and financial support from the team’s leadership and ordinary supporters,” he said.

Supporters will be watching to see if the team will secure a win or draw when they take on league leaders FC Fassel on Sunday, February 12, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

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