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Liberia’s Referee Instructors to Train in Egypt

15 Oct 2015
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Liberia’s Referee Instructors to Train in Egypt



By Augustus Audekina-Doe




Three out of four Liberia’s referee instructors have joined their counterparts in Cairo, Egypt to participate in a week-long refereeing instructors’ course that forms part of the Fifa FUTURO III program.

The referee instructors who are expected to depart the country Thursday, October 15, 2015 for the northern African country will join other refereeing instructors from across of Africa.

Liberia’s delegation includes two technical instructors – Mr. Mason Goe and Mr. Idrisa Kaba; and one physical instructor – Mr. Benedict Yasiah.

In a FOCUS Sport interview Tuesday, the head of delegation, Mr. Mason Goe, Referee Standing Committee Chairman, attributed the course to providing instructors with the advance tools and training to enable them to impart similar training to referees/assistant referees at the local level under the auspices of their national associations.

According to him, the referee instructors will also engage in an in-depth study of issues related to laws of the game while in Egypt.

He said particular attention will be paid to the analysis of laws that are most open to the referee's interpretation for the purpose of standardizing the decision-making criteria of the game.

Each year, FIFA offers courses to its member associations on diverse areas such as elite coaching, youth coaching, goalkeeper coaching (including physical and tactical preparation, goalkeeping for beginner level), and physical preparation, women’s football, futsal and beach soccer.

“Based on these programs, the Liberia Football Association (LFA) in collaboration with the Liberia Football Referee Association (LIFRA) has selected them,” he added.

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