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National County Meet

National County Meet (16)


Nimba versus Lofa Encounter today will determine results
By: Omari Jackson

Nimbaians take many things in life seriously and that also includes how they handle what they do for entertainment. And this afternoon at 3pm, the county’s football team will attempt to demand what is theirs against Lofa County in their final match in the County Meet Group B at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

And like the Nimbaians, the people of Lofa County are equally ambitious and they may likely not allow, yes, not allow themselves going down without a fight.

With Nimba’s determination and Lofa’s resistance, the only thing remaining to settle scores will be the strengths of their respective players at what is expected to be a grueling 90 minutes encounter.

Both counties have come so far and there should be something that can separate the best from the two, and that will be determined after the game today. Will it be Nimba or Lofa County to cruise forward?

The two counties are prepared for this afternoon’s encounter and it is safe to say that the Nimbaians may call for extra-ordinary forces hidden in Mount Nimba while their opponents may seek assistance from Mount Wologizi.

While it is too easy to say that because Global Witness, the British advocacy group, was able to draw attention on an attempt to have mishandled Mount Wologizi, the Lofa team is fully re-energized to demand what is theirs.

But the problem is Nimba has demonstrated that it cannot be a mere pushover when it comes to important issues, including the struggle to demand respect. It is true that Nimba County is setting the pace in many endeavors in the country for others to follow; for instance, the economic development and its attendant employment opportunities in the county is beyond compare, and hence may prove a point with a victory.

But was Lofa not in the past Liberia’s Breadbasket? True, Nimba County can equally claim a share in that honor and that makes this afternoon’s challenge between the two more exciting.

It is true that Nimba County Sports Association Chief Tomah She Floyd is the man of the moment (remember he is Daily Observer’s Man of Year 2016), but Lofa County’s Attorney Cole Bangalu is marshaling his boys for an afternoon of beautiful soccer that both counties will relish for a long time to come.

By: Anthony Kokoi

After advancing to the second phase of the ongoing National County Sports Meet, Montserrado and Maryland counties yesterday booked their slots in the semi-finals of the competition at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, with seven and four points respectively.

The Harper Boys advanced to the semi-finals despite conceding 2-1 to Grand Cape Mount County in the day’s first encounter.
Cape Mount took the lead in the first half following a controversial decision by referee Sam Kotie.

Referee Kotie sounded his whistle and raised his arm indicating an indirect free kick, but the goal was scored through a direct free kick in the stoppage time of the first half.
According to FIFA rules, a goal may not be scored directly from an indirect free kick, rather it must be touched by a second player before a goal can be scored.

Despite going for the break and down from the controversial goal, the Harpers Boys returned with a high level of enthusiasm and applied pressure on their opponents.

Their attacks resulted to a goal after Victor Allison smartly swung in a goal about 20 yards away, down the left wing of Cape Mount’s defense, in the 59th minute.

But Cape Mount, in search of two goals, regained control – which led to the team’s second goal in the 80th minute.

In the second game, Montserrado booked their space after defeating River Gee 2-0.
The first half ended goalless with River Gee having the best of goal scoring opportunities.

River Gee’s winger, Musa Kamara, had two opportunities in the 5th and 33rd minutes, the former struck with his left foot outside the 18-yard box that was prevented by the left goalpost.

The latter chance was a one-on-one opportunity that Kamara failed to net home by kicking the ball directly to goalkeeper Koffa Nimely.

River Gee continued their attacks upon returning from the break in search of win to qualify for the semi-final, but Montserrado finally secured the slot after a double substitution in the 64th minute.

The introduction of the county’s lone goal scorer against Grand Cape Mount, Joseph Zayzay and striker Musa Kebbah brought a change in the team’s performance which led to Zayzay’s second goal as a substitute, four minutes after his introduction.

Montserrado doubled their advantage to clinch their spot as semi-finalists after striker Musa Kebbah got the curtain raiser in the 73rd minute, with an assist from first goal scorer, Zayzay.

Montserrado qualified for the next stage with seven points, three goals following a win against Grand Cape Mount and River Gee counties and a draw against Maryland County, who progressed with four points and a goal after defeating River Gee and securing a point against Montserrado County in their first game in the second phase.

Musa Karama of River Gee earned a carton of books, football and cellcom T-shirts for being the Man of the Match by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, despite his team not qualifying for the semi-finals.

The next two semi-finalists from Group “B” will be decided today at the ATS, when Nimba County goes against Lofa County, and Margibi County against defending champions Grand Bassa County.

Margibi tops the group with four points, while Grand Bassa and Nimba counties share two points apiece, with Lofa in the bottom position with a point.


 The Action of the Bong Official can be seen at the 1:25 mark on this video


Written by Macaulay Sombai, Macaulay


Monrovia - The Ministry of Youth & Sports, the organizers of the annual national county sports meet, has suspended a technical staff of Bong County for improper conduct. Deputy Sports Minister Henry B. Yonton, Jr. told FrontPageAfrica (FPA) that Timothy Kromah, who ran unto the pitch and assaulted center referee Alexander Dixon during a semi-final match with Grand Bassa at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium on January 15, has been suspended for two years.

“We have written to the superintendent of Bong County and we made it clear in the letter that we are going to be suspending Timothy Kromah, the guy who hit the referee for two years. We are informing the county and the LFA [Liberia Football Association] about his suspension from all sporting activities in Liberia,” said Yonton. He hopes that the suspension serves as a strong warning to others who are always in the habit of violating laid down rules because the results didn’t go their way in all sports.

Footages reviewed by FPA showed Kromah, being chased by stadium security, running unto the pitch and punching Dixon in the center circle for allowing a goal that was scored from a penalty saved by his goalkeeper. Yonton dismissed suggestions that Kromah was successful in his assault because there was no security. “The improper action taken by Kromah was not caused by the lack of security during the match but it was done all because the young man was a part of Bong County technical team.

“He was sitting right on the team’s bench and no security is allowed to stand in such area during a football match. So he took advantage of that opportunity given to his team to attack the referee and not because of the lack of security,” Yonton argued. He vowed that Kromah will undergo the suspension to serve as a deterrent towould-be perpetrators.

“I promise you that my Ministry will leave no stone unturned in this case until Kromah faces the full weight of his two years suspension, which I believe would serve as a deterrent to other sport officials and players who are contemplating to do the same. They will change their minds [upon hearing or reading this news] because they already know what will be their punishment,” Yonton added. In keeping with article 14 (withdrawal, refusal and delaying the start of play), section 17.5, Kromah will also pay a pretty fine.

“Any county player, coach or official of a county obstructing, delaying or compelling a game to come to a halt shall be fined the amount of two-hundred United States dollars (US$200). “Five-hundred United States dollars (US$500) shall be paid for the second offense and a suspension for one year from the following year’s county meet games,” it says. Yonton thanked chief patron of sports, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for the government support, to sports Ministry officials and the media for their timely effort which helped to bring the tournament to a successful end.


Bassa Victory Sparks Mixed Views About Nature

By: Joaquin Sendolo

Grand Bassa County claimed victory in the football section of the National County Meet finals on Sunday, January 17, 2016. Victory celebrations since Sunday continue, particularly in Grand Bassa County.

But there has been a strange occurrence, which many people suggest has a deeper meaning than it appears.

The day after the victory, the weather in Monrovia changed for this time of the year – it rained, bringing along with it a chilling cold. Who is responsible for this? Man or nature?

Many Liberians say that such a drastic change in the weather may mean that someone outside our world is responsible and maybe it could mean nature celebrating Grand Bassa County’s Sunday victory, something to teach and warn the rest of Liberians about Grand Bassonians.

Though they are not directly blaming Grand Bassa County’s victory for the abrupt change in the weather to the works of forces beyond our control, they are nonetheless saying that, for example, when Bassa and Nimba met, the first and second time there was a lot of rain, accompanying cold weather, the latter they attributed to Nimbaians, who they say come from the cold.

They assigned blame on Bassa for the rain “to increase the volumes of dwindling rivers that no longer served the ‘Nengee.’”

Nengee in Bassa refers to water entity, and it is widely believed in Liberia that many Bassa people are spiritually related to it.

“When Bassa and Nimba met, Nimba people brought the cold to create discomfort for Bassa people not to win while Bassa people on the other hand overcame it with rain.

“When Montserrado and Bassa met on Sunday, the sky became cloudy and there were droplets of rain. On Monday, yesterday, there was heavy rain, and it is unusual in this dry season for rain to fall like that,” some Grand Bassa supporters said on the streets of Monrovia.

“Bassa people please stop the rain, you have won already and don’t stop us from going out,” a young woman and Nimba supporter said.

November is the beginning of Liberia’s yearly dry season, while the interior parts of the country is characterized by severe cold and mist.

But with the unusual rain that started since the beginning of the game up to last night, some people’s mythological beliefs were broadened to the degree that Bassa people were associated with Nengee.

Though no one could be sure of the abovementioned events, and with many Bassa people neither confirming it, since Nengee is actually practiced in Rivercess, many will continue to make references to unusual events that remain unexplained to Liberians, thereby adding to their ambiguity.


Bassa Conquers County Meet

By Roland Mulbah

Grand Bassa County is the best County as far as performance is concerned in the just ended 2015/2016 edition of the National County Sports Meet with the County clinching both the football and basketball championships as well as winning Bronze medal (third place) in the kickball category of the competition.

Bassa came from a goal down in regular time to draw one all, and put out a huge penalty shootout performance to beat Montserrado County 3-1 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) yesterday and retained the football championship.

Montserrado County’s Daniel Tuazama, who was later named Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament, rattled the net in the 11th minute and put out brave performance to win the first half.

Back from recess, David Paye took just seven minutes to put Bassa back in contention with terrific strike that beat the rushing Montserrado goalkeeper after earlier beating two of his markers with speed to end the regular time one all.

Both Counties put out great performance in the extra 30 minutes, but it was Grand Bassa that had much of the best opportunities.

Just a minute to the end of the extra time, both counties substituted their goalkeepers with Daniel Davies, who had a great performance against Nimba in penalty shootout in the quarterfinal of the competition, coming on for Sekou Bayor, while Kofa Nimely went in for Montserrado.

Both goalies proved the worth of their substitutions saving the first penalties, but Bassa’s Davies went on to save another as his team won by a 3-1 score line.

Meanwhile, Grand Bassa beat Grand Kru 57-54 at the Open Air Sports Commission last Saturday to clinch the championship in the basketball category, while the county also won the third place in the kickball category of the month long competition.

Like last year when the County won both football and basketball, there are reports that authorities of Grand Bassa are planning a top rated ceremony to celebrate their triumph where they conquered the National County Sports Meet.

At the same time, Nimba beat Margibi County 4-0 home runs to win the championship in the kickball category, while Bomi beat Montserrado in all sets to win the championship in the volleyball category of the national County Sports Meet. Details of the national County Sports Meet will be in subsequent edition.


Bassa Retains Football, Basketball Titles

By: Leroy M. Sonpon, III

Grand Bassa County has made history to retain both the football and basketball titles, and emerged third in kickball competition.

This victory put the Gbehzohn boys to three in shelving the football tiara since the 1950s, second to Grand Kru and Nimba counties who have grabbed the title four times each.

The Gbehzohn boys were rated as the ‘overall winner’ in the 2015/2016 National County Sports Meet.

Bassa whipped Montserrado County 3-1 in lottery shot, following the 1-1 draw after a pulsating one-all 120-minute entertaining football at the crowded Antoinette Tolbert Stadium.

Vice President Joseph Boakai hailed both teams for the ‘game and fairplay,’ and said everyone is a winner.

The tournament’s highest goal scorer and Montserrado County goal puncher, Daniel Tuazama rattled the net in the 12th minute, through a lightning shot in the 20th yard box. The tournament’s most valuable player Markey Morgan gave the assist. The Providence Boys controlled the pace in the first half but failed to increase the tally owing to wide kicks from Markey Morgan and Robert Coleman.

After the break in the 52nd minute, Grand Bassa County’s most sensational player, David Paye rotated the goal, also through a diagonal shot in the 20th yard box.

Inarguably, Bassa’s midfield maestro Kweku Mensah with the help of newly introduced Jefferson Yekeh, changed the second half and statistically, the ball possession rated 55% to 45%.

Montserrado and Bassa goalies Andrew Dunah and Sekou Bayoh were exceptional, though both conceded a goal.

In the dying minutes, Dunah was replaced by Koffa Nimely, while Bayoh went out for Daniel Davies.

Bassa’s goalie Davies again stirred the crowd as he saved two penalty shots and Lizue Kollie struck the winning goal.

Over 5,000 Bassoians, including the President’s Press Secretary Jeremileck Piah, Senators Nyonblee Lawrence and Jonathan Kaipay as well as Gender Minister Julia Duncan Cassell led the wide celebration.

In the semi-finals, Bassa narrowly whipped Bong County 1-0, courtesy to Ralph George’s kick in a scramble ball.

Lofa County was medalled as the 3rd winner owing to a forfeit to Bong County, with a penalty of US$2,500.

In the kickball edition, Nimba County was crowned champion, after she beat Margibi County 4-0. This marked Nimba’s 2nd trophy in six years.

Bassa whipped Montserrado 6-5 points for the 3rd place.

In the basketball version over the weekend defending basketball champions Bassa whipped Grand Kru 57-54 points at the Sports Commission on Broad Street in Monrovia.

Grand Kru County took an early 11-6 point lead in the first quarter, but Grand Bassa came back strongly to win the second quarter 21-20 points.

Grand Bassa continued their splendid performance in the third quarter and what was expected to be the final quarter by taking an eight point lead (46-38 points), but Grand Kru bounced back to level the scores.

Grand Bassa again took a three-point lead in the dying minutes of the fourth quarter, but a three-point strike from the South Easterners leveled the scores once again.

And into the final two seconds, Grand Kru grabbed the greatest opportunity that they had longed wished for, with the award of two free throws.

In basketball, free throws, otherwise known as foul shots, are unopposed attempts to score points from a restricted area on the court (the free throw line; informally known as the foul line or the charity stripe), and are generally awarded after a foul on the shooter by the opposing team. Each successful free throw is worth one point.

A player of Grand Kru wearing jersey #10, who was fouled took up the responsibility, but miserably missed all two.

Had he gotten at least one of them, the game would have automatically been off, and Grand Kru was going to emerge as champions, because one or two seconds were not going to be enough for Bassa to come on level.

Following the double misses by Grand Kru, the game’s commissioners (match commissioners) immediately timed the match out, and allocated additional five minutes to find a winner.

It was then that Grand Bassa once again doubled up by going all out to reclaim the trophy they won in the 2013/2014 edition.

Elsewhere in volleyball, Bomi County won three straight sets against Montserrado County to claim the volleyball trophy.

Bomi won the match 25-22, 25-22 and 27-25 to obtain an over 77-69 point victory against Montserrado County in the grand final, which was also played at the Sports Commission on Saturday, January 16.



Grand Bassa wins appeal... No replay match against Nimba...

Bong County vs. Grand Bassa to be scheduled soon...

Grand Bassa Wins Appeal,,,,,

By: Augustine Hamelberg

Grand Bassa County has won her appeal filed against the protest committee of this year’s National County Meet.

The protest committee had earlier ruled in Nimba County’s complaint calling for replay in the match between Bassa and Nimba in which Grand Bassa won Nimba 4 goals to 2.

Announcing the results, the chairman of the Appeal Board and out-going Minister of Youth and Sports Eugene Nagbe said Grand Bassa County did not do anything wrong as was reported in Nimba County’s complaint.

Mr. Nagbe noted that Nimba County did not file a protest in keeping with the rules of the tournament.

The Appeal Board declared that all four players of Grand Bassa County are eligible players of the competition quoting the rules of the competition.

Minister Nagbe, on behalf of the Appeal Board, instructed the organizers of the National County Meet to schedule the Grand Bassa vs. Bong game in the semi-final stage of the tournament.

Listen to Min. Eugene Nagbe reading the decision from the board of appeal, from the National County Sports Meet 2015 - 2016.


 The Full Ruling Below

The National County Sports Meet is an annual multi-sports event organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other line-ministries and agencies.


The underlying goal of the annual National County Sports Meet is to foster peace and unity through sports; and provide temporary employment to youth during the period leading to the event and post.


The objectives for the organization of the National County Sports Meet are to undertake peace initiatives through sports involving national participation and identify sports talents in support of grassroots sports initiatives in the Country.


Therefore, and as means to moderate the tournament, and to address violations and or, malpractices that may ensue, several subcommittees are constituted including the Protest and Grievance Committee and the Appeal Board.


The Organizing Committee of the National County Sports Meet received a communication from the Nimba County Football team alleging a number of violations on the part of Grand Bassa Football Team; including:


In said communication, Nimba County claimed that Grand Bassa County contradicted Article 12, Session 14 by registering and featuring four (4) illegal players including Jerry Wleh (jersey No. 3), William Freeman (no number), Zizue Kollie (jersey No. 22), Sekou Bayou (jersey No. 1).


The Appeal Board consistent with Article 18.4 of the Rules and Regulations of National County Sports Meet 2015/2016 met in session on the 13th of January, 2016 to hear the appeal as filed by the Grand Bassa County Football Team.


Grand Bassa County Football Team appealed as follows:


  1. That the Dulleh Team/Mr. Dulleh and the Protest Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports erroneously/deliberately ignored the compulsory requirement to have protest registered on the match report sheet with the signatories of the opposing team representative and the match officials which is a pre-requisite to the writing of a formal letter;
  2. That the Dulleh Team/Mr. Dulleh and the Protest Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports erroneously/deliberately ignored the fact that no communication of suspension was written to player Jerry Wleh or his Team.;
  3. That the Protest Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports committed a reversible error when it relied on an internal memo of the Liberia Football Association, (LFA) which was never communicated;
  4. That the Dulleh Team/Mr. Dulleh and the Protest Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports erroneously/deliberately ignored the content of the match report sheet to the effect that no protest was filed;




  1. That the Dulleh Team/Mr. Dulleh and the Protest Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports erred and committed reversible error when it took into consideration the lone signature of Mr. Ansu V. S. Dulleh irrespective  of the Panel of four (4) to the irregular and baseless findings which clearly represent a minority opinion as the others did not attach their signatures;
  2. That the Protest Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports committed reversible error when it recognized and stated that: “Nimba County Protest Was Not Genuinely filed and as such must suffer the consequence thereof and complaint considered null and void.”, yet it decided that the match be re-played. We submit that, there being no complaint, the result of the game should not be affected;
  3. That the Dulleh Team/Mr. Dulleh is not the Protest Committee as per Section 18.5 of the Rules and Regulations of the County Meet neither is it/he the Grievance and Ethics Committee of the LFA. The Dorley Team lacked jurisdiction over the subject matter;
  4. That the Dulleh Team/Mr. Dulleh and the Protest Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports erroneously/deliberately ignore the fact that the purported letter of protest is dated January 7, 2015, meaning that the instrument related clearly to a different action in January of 2015.


Now therefore, the Appeal Board, 2015/2016 National County Sports Meet in addressing the appeal filed by Grand Bassa County, hopes to answer three fundamental questions to wit:


Count – 1: Whether or not a protest was filed by Nimba County against Grand Bassa County consistent with the Rules and Regulations governing the National County Sports Meet 2015/2016;

Count – 2: Whether or not it was duly established that players Jerry Wleh, (jersey No. 3), William Freeman (no number), Zizue Kollie (jersey No. 22) and Sekou Bayou (jersey No. 1) all of Grand Bassa County were ineligible to participate in the National County Sports Meet 2015/2016;

Count – 3: Whether or not the ruling of the Protest and Grievance Committee calling for a “re-play” is in keeping with the Rules and Regulations of the National County Sports Meet 2015/2016;


Now, in addressing count-1, the Appeal Board referenced Article 18.1 of the Rules and Regulations of the National County Sports Meet of 2015/2016


Article 18.1 – Protests, grievances and complaints from a match MUST be registered on the match report sheet before, during and immediately after the match, counter-signed by the opposing team’s captain, followed by a formal letter within two hours. A non-refundable fee of Seven Thousand Liberian Dollars (LD$7,000.00) shall be payable within four (4) hours; investigation shall be carried out immediately (Preliminary Rounds). From the Quarter-finals thru finals, within twenty-four hours.


The Appeal Board duly agrees with the Protest and Grievance Committee on the count that the protest was not duly and genuinely filed by Nimba County. Also, after a review of the Match Commissioner’s and the Referee’s reports for the match played on January 6 & 7, 2016, it is duly established that no protest was filed before, during and immediately after the game consistent with Article 18.1 of the Rules and Regulations of National County Sports Meet of 2015/2016.

Additionally, there was no evidence of a payment receipt as specified in Article 18.1 of the Rules and Regulations of National County Sports Meet of 2015/2016. Hence, the protest is NULL and VOID.

In addressing Count-2, the Appeal Board referenced Articles 14.5, 14.7 and 14.8 of the Rules and Regulations of the National County Sports Meet of 2015/2016 and Article 25 Section 1.5 of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) 2015/2016 Rules and Regulations.


Article 14.5 – Any county that fields or registers a suspended player/athlete from the LFA, LKF, LBA and LVF shall forfeit its match and the player suspended from the tournament:

  1. Football three (3) points and two (2) goals;
  2. Kickball two (2) points (5) innings;
  3. Volleyball (2) points; and
  4. Basketball two (2) points.


Article 14.7 – Absolutely, no former or current player of the Senior National Team shall be permitted to participate in the National County Sports Meet (Basketball and Football).


Article 14.8 – Absolutely, no former or current registered player of First Division shall be permitted to participate in the National County Sports Meet,


Article 25 Section 1.5 of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) 2015/2016 Rules and Regulations – The Grievance and Disciplinary Committee shall have first jurisdiction in all protest matters and complaints, and must advise the parties concerned through the LFA Competition Committee in writing of its decision after a complete and thorough investigation not exceeding seven (7) days.


The Appeal Board:

The pieces of evidence forwarded and used by the Protest and Grievance Committee and the Competition Committee of the LFA did not meet the requirement of Article 25 Section 1.5 of the Liberia Football Association, LFA 2015/2016 Rules and Regulations and is therefore insufficient to declare and or, determine the ineligibility of player Jerry Wleh.


Player Jerry Wleh – jersey number 3:

  • There was no written communication from the LFA to the parties as required by Article 25 Section 1.5 of the Liberia Football Association, LFA 2015/2016 Rules and Regulations informing them of the decision of the action of player Jerry Wleh.
  • Although the LFA’s Disciplinary Committee recommended, “that player Jerry Wleh, Jr. be suspended for the period of one (1) year for double registration which prevents him from participation in all football tournaments and competition organized by the LFA and or its affiliates.”, there is no evidence however to substantiate that same was ever effected.

Players  William Freeman (no number) and Zizue Kollie (No. 22):

A review of the game sheet shows that players William Freeman and Zizue Kollie were non-participants in the match, Nimba vs. Grand Bassa and as such, any protest against them is deemed NULL and VOID consistent with Chapter 14, Sections 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7 of the LFA National Leagues Rules and Regulations, 2015/2016 which states:

Section 1.5:   A player shall be eligible to participate in the day’s game, when the player’s name and particulars are registered on the Referee’s game sheet and inspection formalities.

Section 1.6:   A player whose name is registered on the Referee’s game sheet and does not appear for inspection after the first half of the match shall be declared a non-participant. No inspection shall take place after half time.

Section 1.7:   A suspended player(s) who is registered on the Referee’s game sheet for the day’s match and is not fielded in the said match is not guilty of participating in the match.


Player Sekou Bayou (jersey No. 1):

  • Referencing Chapter 14, Sections 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7 of the LFA National Leagues Rules and Regulations, 2015/2016, and the Federation of International Football Association, FIFA’s Circular No. 1147, concerning the “non-participation of players; player Sekou Bayou was never fielded in the match, Liberia vs. Guinea in the CHAN Competition which is not an A-Level competition.


The Appeal Board establishes that in keeping with the rules and regulations mentioned above, there were no violations relative to players Jerry Wleh, William Freeman, Zizue Kollie and Sekou Bayou during the match, Nimba vs. Grand Bassa on January 6 & 7, 2016 under Chapter 14, Sections 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7 of the LFA National Leagues Rules and Regulations, 2015/2016 and

Article 14 of the 2015/2016 National County Sports Meet Rules and Regulations.


In addressing Count-3 on whether or not the ruling of the Protest and Grievance Committee calling for a “re-play” is in keeping with the Rules and Regulations of the 2015/2016 National County Sports Meet’s Rules and Regulations. The Appeal Board determined that in lieu of the findings contained in counts 1 & 2, there is no established violation on the part of Grand Bassa County as asserted by the Protest and Grievance Committee. The Appeal Board also determined that a re-play will be inconsistent and contrary to the Rules and Regulations of the 2015/2016 National County Sports Meet’s Rules and Regulations and the LFA National Leagues Rules and Regulations, 2015/2016.



Wherefore and in view of the aforementioned, it is the decision of the Appeal Board that the ruling of the Protest and Grievance Committee is hereby reversed and that the result of the match, Nimba vs. Grand Bassa played on January 6 & 7, 2016 be upheld.


The Organizing Committee is hereby mandated to notify the parties and expeditiously schedule the semi-final match between Bong County and Grand Bassa County.


And so mandated.




Hon. Eugene Lenn Nagbe            -           Chairman          ___________________________



Neto Zarzar Lighe, Sr. (Atty.)      -           Co-Chairman     ___________________________



Mr. Mustapha Raji                      -           Member             ___________________________






- Filed an Appeal against the MYS Protest Committee's Ruling for Match Replay

"...Mr. Chairman, please find enclosed the amount of Liberian Dollars Ten Thousand Dollars as per section 18.4.

In view of the above, we respectfully request that Your Honourable selves will reverse and ignore the erroneous decision of the Dulleh Team/Mr. Dulleh and the Protest Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, direct that the result of game between Grand Bassa County and Nimba County remain the same and undisturbed..."

(See full Appeal Letter addressed to the Appeal Committee)


Protest Committee rules for Replay...


By Staff Reporter

The Protest Committee of the National County Sports Meet has ruled for a replay match between Grand Bassa and Nimba, following a long hearing into protest filed by Nimba County against Grand Bassa for fielding an illegal player. 

The date for the replay is yet to be announced as organizers await responses from both counties.

If this ruling is factual, the MYS has proved that it is incompetent and unable to handle the sports development in Liberia.

According to Grand Bassa Senator Madam Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence "The ruling was held today and the committee concluded that Nimba did not follow the protest rules, therefore the protest is not genuine. However, there should be a replay."

Why did the LFA investigate a protest knowing that it was not genuine? What are we than investigating?

The Protest Committee of the National County Sports Meet is doing a dis service to Grand Bassa county if this ruling is allowed. The rules for protest is part of the rules that all member counties signed off on.

If the Protest Committee of the National County Sports Meet is saying that the rules for protest were not followed, then why order a rematch?


It is understood that Nimba principally based their protest on player Jerry Wleh whom they said was banned by the Liberia Football Association.

• Investigatory panel considered Nimba protest null and void
• Recommends replay of the Nimba and Bassa quarter final fixture
• Adjudged both teams guilty of breaching the competition’s rules and regulations
• Bassa take an appeal to the decision of the investigatory panel to the board of appeal
• Bassa say the ruling was incomprehensive
• Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence of Grand Bassa County walked out of the hearing

The investigatory panel authorized by the Ministry of youths and sports [the organizing body of the National County Sports Meet] to probe into investigation concerning a protest filed by Nimba County against Grand Bassa County for using three ineligible players in the tournament says the protest filed by Nimba County was null and void on argument that it did not exhaust all of the formalities to be regarded as a protest.

Following the investigation, the committee recommended that a replay of the match be sanctioned on grounds that the both parties were in violation of the tournament’s rules and regulations, that the suspended players be disbarred from the tournament and further actions be meted against them for knowingly deceiving the organizers and the country and that the LFA furnishes the organizers as to whether or not players William Freeman and Zizue Kollie deemed qualified to participate in this annual event based on allegation that the players played in the top tier contravening the rules and regulations of the National County Sports Meet 2015/2016.

The committee also adjudged the both counties guilty for breaching the competition’s rules and regulations and only took the decision on the basis of fostering peace, unity and national reconciliation.

Counselor Moiffie Kanneh- chairman of the panel said ‘’whether Nimba County filed a protest or whether a player was suspended by the football governing body is eligible to play in the tournament, legally Nimba did not filed a protest because it did not conform with the rules it is considered null and void’’. ‘’The committee struck a balance the both teams did not do what they suppose to do appropriately so in essence we recommended that the match be replayed.
However, Grand Bassa County have taken an appeal to decision of the committee to the appeal board.

Garmondeh Kangar a rooted member of the Grand Bassa County sports association also listened for Bassa at the hearing. He said ‘’we are taking an appeal because it was eluded by the committee that Nimba did not filed a genuine protest and when there is not a genuine protest there is no need for investigation as such you cannot say that they [Nimba] served as whistle blower so you had an investigation that is wrong in football’’.

‘’People who are in tuned to the running of football should be the ones hearing these matters and what is not done legally is not done at all’’ Kangar sneered.

According to him the rules were circumvented and want a straight application of the rules and regulations guiding the tournament. The Grand Bassa official stressed that the ruling by the investigative panel was incomprehensive and lacks fairness and maintained that the county [Grand Bassa] will not honor the fixture until a complete due diligence is accorded the process.

Officials representing Nimba County at the hearing including Senator Prince Johnson have accepted the decision of the committee but warned the ministry to institute a measure that will avoid a recurrence of such an ugly act in a tournament that is meant to uphold peace.


Where Is This "FINDINGS"
...Protest Committee Your Credibility Is At Stake!

There are reports that the protest committee of the 2015/2016 National County Sports Meet conducted hearings into protest filed against Grand Bassa County for allegedly fielding illegal players in the football match versus Nimba during the quarter finals stage of the ongoing national sports festivity.

Though it is not clear as who are the members on the Protest Committee and whether anyone of its members have allegiance to any of the counties involved, it has been widely speculated that Nimba County has won the protest when in fact the committee has not officially released its findings. On last Saturday, it was announced that the findings from the protest has been submitted to the Minister of Youth & Sports for onwards announcement.

Already, there are conflicting reports about the candidates on the protest committee. Some named Kelvin Sebwe, J. Bryant McGill and others whose identities have not been disclosed as members of the committee, while others claimed that the committee is consisted of four powerful personalities to include: Musa Hassan Bility (LFA Boss-Nimba County), G. Andy Quamie (LFA EC Member-Nimba County), Minister Eugene Nagbe (Grand Kru County-But Very Busy) and Mustapha Raji (LISCR FC President-No Relations).

While that information is yet to be rectified, there are claims and counter claims that the outcome of the committee's report could pose a serious setback to the continuation of the already enjoyable county sports meet.
The allegation is attributed to the fact that Nimba has failed to sufficiently back their protest with proper documentation as it relates to authenticating their claims. In the midst of such limited 'prima-fasi,' the committee have vehemently overlooked said proceedings and therefore opted to embarrassed the competition by awarding the points to Nimba County.

It can be recalled that during the Saturday's hearing Nimba based their argument on player Jerry Wleh whom they claimed was banned by the Liberia Football Association (LFA) from partaking in all football activities in the country. But in counter argument, Grand Bassa pleaded not Guilty. On the Jerry Wleh issue, Grand Bassa argued that neither the player in questioned nor his club was ever notified about any decision as such .

They argued with document(s) that the player ended the entire league season with the ELWA United. Additionally, Nimba County presented a letter indicating that player Wleh was suspended but the letter was signed by the current Secretary General of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Emmanuel Deah, rather than the late Alphonso Armah who was then in the capacity as LFA's SG when the incident occurred . That alone constitutes forgery at the highest level and that all those associated should be prosecuted for such criminal act.

Moreover, Mr. Emmanuel Deah who is one of the finest young men at the local football house should not be allowed to be used in such a manner. With due respect to that brother, true telling at that professional level pays a lot and it therefore gives credence to your credibility checks. People who are entangled in credibility nets should not be given room to endangered your credibility clearance. Indeed your trustworthiness is at stake.
There is a pending performance and credibility checks of all those who may be involved in bending the rules. My caution to you.

More besides, the Nimba's protest violates Rule-18 of the National County Sports Meet. The rule indicates that in the case of any protest, the referees and match commissioner should be informed. Additionally, the rule says that such protest should be written and signed by both teams' captains and presented within 24hrs.

Grand Bassa argument is that the protest was belated and the county was alerted after 48 hrs when the rule says 24hrs; while neither the referee, Sam Kotie or match commissioners was aware of any protest filed on the match day.

As part of the proceedings, if those concerned meaning the referee and match commissioners were alerted just within time as required, the playing cards of the players in questioned would have been extracted or withheld by the match officials. That was never done; and so it serves as a basis for dismissal on grounds that those required procedures were bridged, ignored, disrespected and knowingly overlooked by officials of Nimba County.

Despite all the analogies put forward, Grand Bassa could still be held liable as it has turned out to be more political than sporting. Pointing to the fact that some of the biggest hands in the football business are from Nimba County particularly G. Andy Quamie, an Executive Committee Member (EC) and Musa Hassan Bility (LFA Boss). Should Bassa lost the protest they might seek redress at the Appeal's Committee and if the result is still upheld the situation could worsen. At the moment, neither of the counties are willing to give in, or allow the tournament continues for peace sake.

Whatever the results are Liberia should be seen above interest or self. Already Grand Bassa is singing the song "United We Stand, Divided We Fall." Remember we have an obligation to keep the peace and therefore i encourage the Protest Committee to be very careful in deriving at any result that could undermine the happiness of the Liberian people. I rest my case.


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