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Invisible eleven give birth to another
Chapter in the United States

B.Augustus Gbain

As I.E fanatics in the United States strives to support their Mother Organization in Liberia, two new chapters has been added to boost its activities in the U.S.A

Coatesville, a tiny city west of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia is been added to chapters which forms the I.E Majestic sport Association (Union) in the U.S.A
More then 50 fans and sympathizers traveled to Coatesville on Saturday 01/12/08 to grace the occasion

In other development, appointment has been made to govern the twin chapters five man Board of Directors were put in place they are as follows Mr. Nat Logan Chairman, Mamadee Kromah, Daniel Kweh, Eskin Wollie and Richie Han members.

Eric Banto, Osman Kallie and Musa Kaba will serve as Chairman and co- Chairmen respectively. Those appointed to coordinate the affairs of both Chapters are Mr. Fred Gwyan for Philadelphia and Henry Flexman for Coatesville.

Elected on the Good Governance Board is Mr. Herbert Cooper, the Rev Uriah Dixon as General Secretary while the Treasurer post goes to one of I.E strong pillows Madam Lydia Gibson

Membership Committee is headed by Juma Dolley and the Director of sports was named Tom Bangui

Contact Mr. B.Augustus Gbain, our new sport reporter from Pennsylvania for any questions or concern, you may contacted him at